Preschool Curriculum

The preschool curriculum covers the following areas:

Movement and Coordination

  • Physical attention and relaxation
  • Gross motor skills
  • Eye-hand and eye foot coordination
  • Group Names
  • Creative Movement


Autonomy and Social Skills

  • Sense of self and personal responsibility
  • Working in group setting


Work Habits

  • Memory skills
  • Following directions
  • Task persistence and completion



  • Oral language
  • Nursery rhymes, poems, finger plays/songs
  • Emerging literacy skills



  • Patterns and classifications
  • Geometry
  • Measurement
  • Numbers and numbers sense
  • Basic addition and subtraction
  • Money

Orientation in Time and Space

  • Vocabulary
  • Measure of time
  • Passage of time (past, present, future)
  • Actual and represented space
  • Simple maps
  • Basic geographical concepts



  • Human, animal and plant characteristics
  • Physical elements (water, air and light)
  • Tools



  • Attend to different sounds
  • Imitate and produce sounds
  • Listen and sing
  • Listen and move


Visual arts

  • Attend to visual detail
  • Creating art
  • Looking at and talking about art




"My older child is excelling in elementary school due to the wonderful foundation laid down by ARCLC"
- Elizabeth B.