Recommended Reading

Our theme this year is Kids in the Kingdom. Below are the books that we would recommend for your preschooler.

The Paperbag Princess Robert Munsch
Princess and the Pea Hans Christian Anderson
The Princess and the Frog Classic or Disney
Barbar the King Jean De Brunhoff
Castle David Mcaulay
Castles, Caves and Honeycombs Linda Ashman
Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots? Camela L. Coyle
Dragons Love Tacos Adam Rubin
A Dragon Moves In Lisa Falkenstern
Get Well Good Knight Shelley Moore Thomas
Good Night, Good Night Shelley Moore Thomas
In The Castle Anna Millbourne
Jack and the Dragon Michael Yu
King Bidgood's in the Bathtub Audrey Wood
The King Who Rained Fred Gwynne
The Magical Dragons Three Gifts Rachel Yu
The Pet Dragon Christoph Niemann
The Popcorn Dragon Janet Thayer
Princess Grace and Poppy Jeanna Young
The Princess and the Pizza Mary Jane Auch
Roxaboxen Alice McLerran
The King of Capri Jeanette Winterson
The Very Smart Pea and the Princess to Be Mini Grey
The Royal Mice Loretta Krupinski
The Frog Prince Brothers Grim
The Prince Knight Cornelia Funke
I Want My Dinner Tony Ross
Princess Penelope Todd Mack
The Storytelling Princess Rafe Martin
Jet Plane


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